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I have found that a recurring theme in my creative work is family. It has always fascinated me that family is a microcosm of the greater society and that some families have unavoidable trauma, yet somehow are able to co-exist. It is universal—everyone has a family and somewhere in their familial history there is trauma. My body of work encompasses this and my current project Raining Sunshine is no different. The mixed-genre memoir is a coming of age story during a time in my life where I was searching for identity, home and love. The interconnected narrative travels through the 70s, 80s and 90s and navigates through the terrain of Africa, the Lower East Side and the Pine Ridge Reservation. Along the way, Tweety Bird (my younger self) and Sunshine (my teenage self) survive family, the world and me to find the unexpected.


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Lyrical Adventures

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My storytelling is multifaceted including both the written word and visuals. Lyrical Adventures in Writing is focused on my creative non-fiction, fiction and poetry work. Lyrical Adventures in Motion is focused on my films and video poems.

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I would gaze at the J train passing over the Williamsburg Bridge wondering about its contents. Who were the people? Where were they going? What were their stories? That is where I would daydream while growing up in the colorful Lower East Side.

I wrote plays and short stories in my journals. Acted out a few with my younger cousin. Eventually taking it seriously and taking creative writing classes and television production classes in high school. I eventually would study filmmaking and come back full circle where it all began–with the story.

I recently graduated from City College of New York with an MFA in Creative Writing. My recent story, The Purple Crayon was published in the Promethean Literary Journal. I’m a VONA/Voices summer 2017 recipient. Plus there is other stuff.

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After many years of teaching in various organizations that have included a union, law firms, high school, college and a community organization, I have decided to marry my two loves of teaching and art. I am now creating lolforlotsoflove (forthcoming) an online community where I offer courses in the art of writing, journaling and video. My goal with this endeavor is share with the community the gift of art and provide what art has become for me–a place and process for healing.

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