Pythagorean Theorem

An excerpt from the upcoming chaplet America: An Unrequited Love Story.

Photo Credit: Natasha Herring

A college friend of mine, Paul recently contacted me about an experimental film. He asked, “Would you have any interest in screening the experimental piece that we spoke about many years ago? I’ve been doing a screening series called Amator and it would be a perfect fit.” I replied, “Could you refresh my memory about the experimental piece?” I had to ask because I couldn’t remember that’s how long ago it was.

So, yeah, as you can see I forgot about the 16mm film that I created. I can’t even remember if I named the thing or not. I remember a warm and fuzzy feeling about it though and I’m glad he liked it as well. To be honest, he said it stuck with him. I’ll take that as he liked it. Ha!

I was about to shoot new footage for my poem entitled, “Pythagorean Theorem.” You’ll get an excerpt below. I wanted to mesh my film/video background with my poetry but Paul contacting me made me realize that this existing footage would be a perfect fit for my video poem. I love when ideas come together! So, as soon as I dig the footage out of my closet then transfer it over to video, I’ll update this post. In the meantime here’s a description of it from Paul’s own words.

“ was a Black and White film that you showed in experimental many years ago. The entire film contained nude bodies in soft focus, so you really never knew that you were looking at nude bodies…the film always stuck with me.”

Pythagorean Theorem


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